If you are not one of our wholesale customers, the only way to place an order from Silk Road Coffee Company is through our website – www.silkroad.coffee. Silk Road Coffee Company retains the right to refuse customers. If amount has been transferred to us before an order is declined a full refund will be given, such condition can arise due to unavailability of a particular coffee or delivery address being out of delivery areas and it shall be informed to you within 24 hours of placing the order. By placing an order and giving credit card details on our secure server, the customer is bound and contracted to complete the sale unless Silk Road Coffee Company decides otherwise. These terms do not impact a consumer’s statutory rights.

Wholesale customers can place orders through e-mail to sales@silkroad.coffee order or through phone +919819632030 ; orders on phone are acceptable only for our registered wholesale customers, if you are ordering for first time please email us.


Though we provide ground coffee but we strongly recommend that to enjoy full range of coffee flavours you must buy whole beans and grind just prior to the brewing using a coffee grinder.

We always send the freshest coffee available. Coffee, specially roasted in closed environment needs to degas (approximately 4-7 days for manual brewing and 6-10 days for espresso machine), the shipping time usually acts as a buffer, meaning your coffee is (nearly) ready to enjoy upon arrival. We seal coffee bags in air tight bags fitted with one way valve within 6 hrs of roast to preserve freshness of coffee, it is best to consume within one month from the date of roast, however if stored properly coffee tasted fresh even after 90 days from roast.