TIMEMORE – Black Mirror Weighing Scale

Rs. 3,825.00

TIMEMORE – Black Mirror Weighing Scale

Rs. 3,825.00
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About this product

Hand-brewed coffee electronic scale is the first choice for barista or coffee lovers. It can precisely control the production process, make it faster and easier to make delicious coffee, and enjoy delicious coffee time with family and friends.

Simple and stylish design, perfect for a modern home.

High-precision induction design provides accurate timing and weight display.



Led invisible screen design and LED backlight display, clear, practical and convenient.

The weight is accurate to 0.1g, making the coffee-making process more accurate.

Frosted texture coffee weighing platform design, scratch-resistant, wear-resistant, longer service life than similar products.

Built-in 1600mAh rechargeable lithium battery, with a battery life of up to 10 hours.

Convenient USB charging design, can be charged anytime, anywhere.

Equipped with Silicone heat insulation and waterproof pad for keeping the table top dry, neat and hygienic.

There is a reset button at the bottom, which can be repaired by itself when a failure occurs.

Why Choose Us

Premium Coffee (Silk Road Coffee) Regular Coffee
Handpicked, premium quality beans Mass-produced beans
Unique flavor profiles, each bean reminding you of the origins and through the aroma many story of the beans journey Standardized taste
Ethically sourced directly from the farms traceable origins Non traceable origins
Small-batch roasting for guaranteed freshness with the date of roast Large-scale production with only packaging date. (Roasting date not mentioned.)
Artisanal/Sustainable packaging Scale 4 recyclable Generic/wasteful packaging
Enhances coffee experience Routine morning drink
Many complex exciting flavours and aromas for your senses Mundane, Predictable, Bitter

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